How do I join?

Come and see us at the Old Library and fill out a membership form. Or message us on and we'll send you an electronic version. When you come in to borrow something for the first time, bring in some ID (driving licence or passport and utility bill). 

Do I have to pay to join?

If you're joining for personal use, there's no charge. If you're joining to borrow items for a community group or business, we'll ask for a small joining fee.

Do I have to pay to borrow?

Yes, there is a small fee for borrowing. The fee can be paid with money, time credits or skill sharing. Everyone will be able to borrow.

What about insurance and safety?

Before borrowing any items, we'll show you how to use each item and ask you to sign a waiver form to show that you're taking responsibility for using it safely. We'll inspect and PAT test electrical items before they are loaned out. 

How do I view the catalogue?

Click the 'borrow now' button below to see what's available!

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